Staying Fit While Traveling

Ways to stay focused on your fitness goals while on the road for business or vacation

We've all been there.. You feel like you have several good weeks under your belt working towards your fitness and wellness goals - diet has been on point, no fast food, trained hard during the week - and then you realize you're on the verge of an out of town stint. Whether you're going on a business trip or a family vacation, it is easy to let a deviation from your normal routine give you an excuse to eat poorly and get away from all the habits that were helping you be successful in your fitness journey.

That said, here are a few rules to follow when you're traveling that will help you stay on track:


Drink Water

Your goal while traveling should be to do everything you can to maximize calorie burn at rest and a hydrated body utilizes macro and micro nutrients more efficiently and burns more calories both at rest and at an elevated heart rate. Not only does drinking water help your body's metabolism but it has exactly zero grams of sugar, sodium, and saturated fats! So when your in a meeting, by the pool, or at dinner, order H2O.


Take the Stairs

An easy way to keep your energy demands up is to skip the elevator and take the stairs! A simple choice like this will add up and help you maintain not just your overall cardiovascular conditioning but the repetitive contractions of the glute and hamstring muscle groups under load will allow you to maintain muscular conditioning!


Targeted Calorie/Carbohydrate Intake

Consume the highest amount of your daily calorie intake in and around your most active or demanding times of day. For example, if you have meetings from 9am-4pm make sure your most substantial meal is at lunch so you know those calories will be utilized. If you are sitting by the pool all day, you maybe don't need to eat to excess and just eat moderate amounts when you feel hungry.

Carbohydrates are your body's preferred energy source so if your energy demands for a particular day aren't very high then there isn't a need for your normal amount of carbs. However, if you are at Disney World and you know you're going to be walking around with 3 kids all day and that your metabolism will be an unquenchable furnace, you know your body will use the calories and carbohydrates you consume so make sure you get enough so you spare your muscle tissue from your unquenchable metabolism!


AMRAP Your Workouts

Short, timed workouts are your best friend when you have a tight schedule and an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) circuit workout is the best way to recruit muscle groups and maximize the body's demand for energy in as efficient a way as possible. The best practice is to choose exercises that can be done in your hotel room or in a place that doesn't have equipment because that will most likely be the case. Below is an example of an AMRAP that can be done in your hotel room:

  • Squat 20

  • Seated Knee Raise 20

  • Shadow Punches 20

12:00 AMRAP

(As Many Rounds As Possible for 12 minutes)

*Rest as needed


Safe travels! Text HOMEGYM at 22828 to get more updates from Life Spring Fitness! Thanks for reading!


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