Rest & Recovery: Work hard at not working

As you try to recover from the hard work you put in on , there are a few really simple things to keep in mind that can keep a day of soreness become a 3-5 day struggle:

1. Keep Moving - The worst thing you can do for sore muscle is sit on it and wait for it to go away. Nothing too strenuous but just enough to encourage better blood flow.

2. Stretch - Maintaining flexibility is a huge part of preventing injury, especially in the first month of going from no physical activity to consistent resistant training. Make an appointment with yourself on resting days to do at least 10 minutes of sustained stretching, especially in hips, hamstrings and shoulders.

3. Water - It seems like a no-brainer but drink more water than you think you need to. The more water in your system, the easier blood can travel throughout the body and carry nutrients to the inflamed areas.

4. Food - Make sure you take in enough calories to promote the growth and maintenance of healthy muscle tissue. Stick to quality sources like lean proteins, grains, saturated fats, fruits, and veggies. Aim for 1/2 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Those with certain body types might need to be more aggressive with their protein intake (.75g or 1g).

5. Ice/Heat - Use ice for swelling, heat to encourage blood flow. Use the cold first to control inflammation then heat to promote steady blood flow and healing. About 10-15 minutes each.

Be good to yourself! See you next week!

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